In the final moments of summer, the sun shined on me.

VSCO Cam-2-12

So I decided to shine too.  Although, it often seemed like the only parts that could shine would be the deep dark corners of my mind.

VSCO Cam-1-13

So I buried it deep, deep, deep.



Back, Back, Back in my mind.


VSCO Cam-3-12

I buried the pain, I buried the sweat. I buried it so deep that it receded back into the soil of my soul. Hoping to be forgotten — but instead these seeds of strength bloomed.


And in one swift moment. I flew.


This post was brought to you by which can also be found on Instagram @trendlistr. Trendlistr is a great vintage website that has a curated collection of vintage geared towards “vintage clothes for modern people”. I found the prices to be quite reasonable and the shipping was super fast. I love the detail on this 1950s jacket that has very interesting crewel embroidery. Also does vintage commission so you babes that don’t have time to deal with the hassle of Ebay or the confusion of Etsy fear not! Louisa at Trendlistr only takes a 10% commission which by NYC standards is low.

Now I don’t plan on making advertisements as a main body of my work, but I do love supporting small female run businesses so when I have a chance to shout out great vintage businesses, I will. I get offered to promote a bunch of crap all the time and I promise I will only promote a business on here if they follow two guidelines. 1) support ethical consumption of clothing and do not support fast fashion ie. sweat shop work and 2) cater to a large selection of body sizes including plus size ( hint: if I am a size xl in your company I do not want to work with you)




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