Vintage Style Queen

So you want to be a vintage style queen? It seems so at least, as I have started to receive new messages weekly about how to start wearing vintage full time. So here are my tips on how I started to wear vintage full time.


  1. Make sure you own at least a needle and thread. Vintage clothing sometimes can be like a part time job with the mending involved so expect to resew a button or seem here and there.
  2. Invest in some good vintage soap, I recommend Retro Clean’s Retrowash for hand washing all my vintage
  3. Wearing slips with vintage dresses is not only a good way to keep warm in the cold and look more period, but it is also a great way to prevent having to wash or dry clean your dresses after a single wear. Which is good for your budget and general care of old garments. If you don’t have a large vintage wardrobe, feel free to buy modern ones, you can always find these super cheap at thrift shops or goodwill.
  4. Buy vintage because you love it and it fits your style. In the long run its better to invest in pieces you will wear all the time, instead of cheap vintage that you may wear once or twice. This one is especially hard as it is easy to in the beginning want to amass a huge collection. If you are on the hunt for vintage besides thrift shops and antique stores, check out eBay and Instagram as is sales.  If you aren’t comfortable identifying if items are vintage or not, make sure to follow shops with items you are interested in. Even if these items aren’t in your budget the description, condition and pricing will give you a good idea about what to look for in similar garments and what items are worth.
  5. Your preference for periods will change overtime and most vintage lovers I know, start wearing one period and end up in a totally new one. So allow yourself to change and grow. I thought I would be a 40s gal, turns out the 20s,30s, and 70s suit me the most.sailor22
  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. This is a good motto for life and one I struggle with, but in regards to wearing vintage allow yourself to make mistakes. Alot of alternative clothing communities loose people who don’t allow themselves freedom from the lifestyle. No one says you need to wear vintage 100% of the time, so if you want to wear Beyonce’s latest gear, have at it. Feel free to mix your vintage wardrobe with your modern. Mix your eras (Don’t let anyone tell you different). Wear what makes you feel good about yourself.                                                              zero-fucks
  7. Vintage Hair is a great way to amp up your look. On the blog over the next month I will be talking more about hair sets, techniques and my personal products I use. A good vintage hairstyle can really transform your look and take it to a new level.pants7

    *sourced off Pinterest

  8.  Take your modern wardrobe loves and make them vintage. Meaning if you aren’t into wearing dresses, then don’t assume you need to wear dresses to be a vintage lady. Brands such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Vecona Vintage, Freddies of Pinwood,  Viven of Holloway, and Modcloth make great vintage reproduction pants so any size can own a pair. I personally have found my vintage pairs hard to come by but vintage sellers I often see with ones up for sale are Dethrose Vintage, Flowers of the Meadow, Small Earth Vintage, Stutterinmama, and Roslyn VTG Trading Co.IMG_4462 *pants pictured above from Flowers of the Meadow, below from StutterinmamaIMG_5338
  9.  You don’t need an excuse for why you are wearing vintage or a new style. I never encourage anyone to place expectations on others. If you don’t want people to judge you on what you are dressing make sure to stop placing judgement on others. Its easy for people to criticize you for dressing so fancy, but make sure that doesn’t make you bitter about their sweatpants. I always tell people that I dress for myself and when people ask me where I am going dressed up I always respond with : I dress up for life, isn’t that reason enough. cat-fuck                                         *sourced off Pinterest
  10. Take it day by day. Start wearing one vintage piece at a time, and slowly build it up. Jewelry, handbags, hats and separates are a great way to slowly incorporating vintage style elements into your wardrobe. It also gets coworkers, friends and family use to you in vintage style clothing. It also gives you time to get use to people looking at you. Then when the time comes for you to be in head to toe vintage, it won’t be such a shock to yourself and everyone else in your life

Beauty and Pin Up: Review

Vintage hair is a great way to take your look to a new level.  A good vintage hair set can really polish out a vintage look. Recently, I purchased several Beauty and Pin Up products to see if they would take my wet sets to the next level. This brand seemed to get a lot of buzz in the vintage world because of their pincurl iron.   You may also recognize some of product art belonging to Nathalie Rattner who is an incredible artist and makes these products a treat to showcase on your vanity.


As always,  technique will always be the most important part of vintage sets , but a good product does help.

Now as with any product, results may vary according to your hair type. My hair texture is wavy and fine, but I have a lot of hair (my hairstylist says its thick). Currently the length is just at my chin and not dyed. My main concern with my hair is the curl or wave not holding throughout the day. And as with any thin textured hair gal, I do not want the product to weigh it down.

I bought all four products on sale at Loxa Beauty as part of a trial pack that included: a 10oz  aerosol can of “Fierce” firm holding spray, 8.5oz spray bottle”Linger” style and sculpting spray gel, 8.5oz spray bottle of “Fever” thermal protectant and 10.1oz pump bottle of “Lavish” All-in-1 cleansing and conditioning.

About the Brand: 

At Beauty & Pin-Ups, we celebrate you. The strong, the sassy, the take-me-as-I-am original who owns it inside and out. Created by an A-list stylist and designer, our luxurious products give you the freedom to express who you are with nothing phony or nasty getting in your way. Just healthy, lavish ingredients that let your individual beauty shine. So twirl, swirl, spritz and smush. Grab your spotlight. Punctuate your storyline. With us, you don’t just sit pretty. You stand proud.

Beauty & Pin-Ups also is cruelty free and supports Best Buddies International.


“Lavish” All- in-1 Cleansing & Conditioning 

A non-lathering cleansing conditioner that moisturizes and nourishes for a shiny, manageable mane. Also helps to neutralize chlorine and trace minerals to stop oxidation in its tracks, protecting hair from breakage and color from fading. Free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

  • Amla Extract, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is packed with antioxidants that rejuvenate and enhance the health of both the scalp and hair
  • Argan Oil conditions deeply while repairing and preventing split ends, boosting shine and smoothness, and giving frizz the heave-ho
  • Avocado Oil, which boasts the highest Vitamin E content of all fruits (yes, it’s a fruit), penetrates the cuticle to provide essential nourishment, strengthens follicle health from the inside to stimulate growth, revitalizes dry, damaged hair, and moisturizes big time

I was intrigued to try a cleansing conditioner as they have taken the beauty world by storm, but I was concerned that this would weigh my hair down. In general, I would say this didn’t weigh my hair down and is particularly good for those who like to wash there hair more than 1-2 times a week or need to wash their hair more frequently because of hair spray build up. This cleansing conditioner does a great job at cleaning the hair but not striping it. Also, as someone who suffers from a sensitive scalp this didn’t irritate my head at all.


  • smells great
  • non irritating
  • great for regular use
  • super moisturizing for hair


  • will need a cleansing shampoo that is harsher to use bi-monthly to remove product build up
  • not good value for money (you need a good amount of product to cover head)

Would I buy this again?

Maybe, at $25 a bottle its not too bad considering you can use this as a conditioner and shampoo, but I felt that it didn’t remove enough product buildup. Would consider trying
Flaunt” Silkening Shampoo next time.


“Fever” Thermal Protectant Spray

Helps strengthen and smoothe for resilient, shiny, can-do hair while helping protect against thermal abuse from heating implements. Spritzes on brushable, bendable, babe-able dew that’s never sticky or tacky. Let’s you take a shine to your styling tools all over again. Free of parabens and phthalates.

  • Keracyn fortifies and strengthens the protective outer layer of each strand to defend against damaging elements
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract, a big source of antioxidants, calcium, vitamins and phosphorus, replenishes dry, damaged hair, increases shine and offers knock-out protection against UV damage and free radicals

Normally I wouldn’t buy a high end thermal protectant because I tend to find drugstore versions work just as well. But, it was a nice bonus in the trial pack.


  • effective – I used for an occasional all over blow-dry and straight iron use and it seem to leave my hair in good condition


  • price
  • smell – it was a tad to sweet for my personal preference and I found it odd that when I was blow drying my hair it would kick off a large amount of fragrance
  • weighed hair down- I suspect for normal to thick textured hair this would not be an issue

Would I buy this again?

Probably not because I couldn’t stand the fragrance and I find drugstore options to be just as effective.


“Linger” Style & Sculpting Spray Gel 

Helps strengthen and repair for sumptuous, disciplined, frizz-free locks while delivering do-as-you-please style and flexible hold. Linger a little to define and refine naturally curly hair. Linger a lot for a voluminous bombshell blowout or a twirl with the curling iron. Free of parabens and phthalates.

  • Rhodiola, also known as golden root, is a powerful herb that increases the strength and elasticity of hair while repairing and preventing damage


This was the product that I was most intrigued to try as Lottabody was no longer an effective setting lotion for keeping my curls lasting.


  • smells nice
  • holds a curl
  • doesn’t leave a sticky feeling in hair
  • hair feels soft to touch when dry
  • lessens frizz


  • none

Would I buy this again?

Yes and probably more than one, this was a stand out product that really helped my wet sets improve. No longer do I have the same amount of frizz when I am brushing out the curl and the style lasts much longer. Game changer!


“Fierce” Firm Hold Finishing Spray

Helps protect and strengthen tresses while locking in style and shine for death-defying, flake-free hold and in-a-snap dry time. Layer into your layers for 24-hour hold and super heroine style that stands up to humidity. Free of parabens and phthalates.

  • Argan Oil conditions deeply while repairing and preventing split ends, boosting shine and smoothness, and giving frizz the heave-ho
  • Wheat Protein penetrates the cortex of each strand to strengthen manes and increase the ability to absorb and retain moisture
  • Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, conditions and reinforces the hair shaft while working to prevent breakage and split ends


  • smells good
  • nice even fine mist spray
  • good amount of product
  • serious firm hold – your hair isn’t going anywhere


  • nozzle can dribble as you use this container
  • top cover was cracked in shipment (not Beauty and Pinups fault as I purchased via Loxa Beauty)

Would I buy this again?

Yes, my hair doesn’t go anywhere with this and if you walk a good distance in the city with bangs you know how critical a good hair spray can be to keeping your bangs and hair sets in place. I was never a strong hold hair spray user before, but I realized with this product how key it is too a good vintage hair set. If you have been struggling to get your hair to hold curl or your sets to last all day you need this product! (or another really good strong hold hairspray)


Overall, Beauty and Pinups has changed my hair game! I never realized how much a good product can change your hair until I started doing vintage sets and now I am converted. Let me know if you pick up any of these products or if you have tried any Beauty and Pinup products below in the comments. I am also looking to review some more vintage style products so let me know what you want to hear about in the comments below.



xoxo Brittany

A Modern Woman’s Musings in Vintage


When I started this blog and became active on my Instagram account @bisforbrittany. I never imagined that in less than a year what it would grow into. I thought I would be lucky if 1,000 people were interested in my looks and what I was saying.

I was too embarrassed about what people would think about me. Perhaps because some artistic souls suffer from self doubt. Perhaps it is a result of living in this world that often tells you being proud of your : talents, creativity, looks, brain etc. is vain and pompous. And I won’t deny elements of social media are vain, because they are. Yet who am I to question the bigger powers of the world: Facebook? (kidding) 

If you have entered onto for the first time, you will not notice a change. However, if you have been checking this blog or following for sometime, then you will notice a few things.

  1. Regular updates: I know, I fell way of the wagon, but I promise that I will be posting at least once a week. Mostly Mondays and bonus content if it pops into my head
  2. Videos: This one may take a bit more time, but I am hoping to post videos in response to questions about, how I tie my hair turban, hair styling and other vintage related and unrelated topics. I am a huge Youtube fan and there isn’t enough people talking about topics I am interested in. I may even vlog (don’t hold your breath)
  3. Improved photo quality: some of you may or may not have know (as this does surprise many people) that I have finally upgraded to a new camera from and Iphone 6. (I will show a camera set up using an Iphone/smartphone in a post soon) Expect to see better photos on the blog, Instagram and photo diaries
  4. A new format : hopefully easier to navigate
  5. An email newsletter with exclusive content

Perhaps the most important thing for me to address is the new tag line: A modern woman in vintage. Which has become an important element to all my looks. There a part of the vintage community online with tagline or mottos as so: take me back to _____ year, vintage (woman/girl/man/boy ?) living in a modern world and etc. emphasizing an importance on culturally how thing were in the past. I am not trying to start a war on anyone, but that is not how I view vintage. I wear vintage head to toe (well not toe,because #teambigfeet) daily, I own an apartment full of antique furniture, art, bits and bobs etc. Yet, I do not want to live in a world that tells me : I can’t have my own bank account, I must always be smiling and happy, I must only wear skirts, I must not be too loud (otherwise I am bossy). If these are things you want then go forth, but I want the choice.  I don’t want to be an outsiders stereotype.

I want to be a modern woman giving new life to vintage garments.

(Feel free to never comment “I wish women all dress like this” because I will respond with some feminist comment such as “I wish women could wear something without having a man comment on it”)  #sorrynotsorry

With all that being said expect to find vintage fashion inspiration, vintage related product reviews and encouragement to incorporate vintage clothing into your wardrobe. I am not telling you how to live as if it was 1945, just how to incorporate the fashion into your wardrobe as a women in 2016.


Looking forward to starting this back up again. Feel free to send me an email at for business questions, new topic suggestions or to receive a newsletter with exclusive content.




Finding your voice: Introduction




If you asked me about my fashion sense a year ago, it would have been stylish in a standard way. Not that being basic  is a bad thing, I just didn’t dress necessarily with a strong unique style.( I refuse to use the popular term basic b**** which I find it a bit demeaning towards woman). I was in school finishing a degree and just couldn’t be bothered. I had always been interested in vintage clothing, but had never had the resources or knowledge to pursuing wearing it full time.

Last July I had a job in arts administration work and had a specific idea about what I would be doing in a year (maybe graduate school), where I would be professionally (working as a singer) and who I would stay in touch with from school.

After just over a year from graduation I can say that nothing has turned out quite as expected. I am on a journey that I never even expected and after a hard couple of years in school that left myself emotionally drained and self conscious I thought I would have it more figured out in a year. Instead, I know even less about my career goals and I am forced to do the one thing I hate most, live in the moment. As a type A personality and planner by nature its been a life lesson to say the least.

During about half way out of school I decided to start this blog, which I am sorry I’ve neglected recently. As someone that has been very private on both the internet and in real life for many years, I was super self conscious. I had never imagined that I would start to gain popularity on Instagram or that anyone besides my mother would read this.

This blog and Instagram page developed after realizing that I needed to change my perspective on life. I needed to make what I was doing about my happiness and being authentic to myself.


So I started to wear vintage as I felt the clothing of past decades made me feel most like myself.

Wearing vintage clothing as given me confidence and a sense of self that I would have never imagined a piece of clothing could do. 

Which is why I think everyone deserves to stop saying “I could never wear this” because by abandoning this mentality I live more authentically.

Fashion for some may seem frivolous or vain. But if you make fashion work for you, then it  is empowering.

Often on Instagram I read comments of : this looks great, but I could never pull it off, love this but I’m not brave enough. I want everyone to feel like they can wear sweatpants or a ballgown and still look great. So over the next week I will be posting about how to develop your sense of style wether you want to wear full on period vintage or just a 1950s brooch. Or if you want to wear a garbage bag, because a woman looks best in whatever the hell she wants to wear.


My blog post will be broken down to cover:

  1. Where I find my vintage: including information on what to buy when building up your wardrobe, how to snag a deal, where to look for vintage
  2.  How to mix and match your wardrobe to get mileage out of what you buy
  3.  Knowing your body shape and finding the eras that work for you
  4. How to incorporate vintage into your closet everyday

By reading each installment I am hoping that you can start to put to looks that make you feel confident in wearing vintage everyday or just help you find your own style.

My first post in this series will go live on June 20th so make sure to check back then! In the mean time for more vintage outfit inspiration and daily post check out my Instagram @bisforbrittany.


Also feel free to comment down below with questions or send me an email at



Teddy Girls

Teddy Girls are an often forgotten subculture associated with the Teddy Boys in the UK during the 1950s. They are one of the first movements associated with the creation of teen culture. There is a good deal of information published about Teddy Boys, but Teddy Girls seem to be a forgotten subculture. The majority of these girls were working class women that quit school at ages 14 and 15 and moved to London to work office jobs. One of the few documentations of Teddy Girls can be found by photographs of Josie Buchan by Ken Russell.

Russell remembers 14 year-old Teddy Girl, Jean Rayner: “She had attitude by the truckload. No one paid much attention to the teddy girls before I did them, though there was plenty on teddy boys. They were tough, these kids, they’d been born in the war years and food rationing only ended in about 1954 – a year before I took these pictures. They were proud. They knew their worth. They just wore what they wore.”


Teddy Girls were the “Pink Ladies” before “Pink Ladies”existed in America and they were about as bad ass as can be. Teddy Girls spent most of their time,when not working, buying or making their clothes. (Hmm, sound familar?) Their clothes like their male counterparts had Edwardian influences. Which can be seen in particularly in their cameo brooches, velvet collar jackets, boater hats and blouses. More  specifically they were documented wearing: drape jackets, pencil skirts, rolled up jeans and pants, flat shoes, tailored jackets with velvet collars, straw boater hats, cameo brooches, espadrilles, coolie hats, long elegant clutches.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.29.19 PM

Below you can find some of my Teddy Girl inspired looks that I have created. Personally, I am still on the hunt for a cameo brooch and a straw boater hat. Oh and saving to buy a lovely edwardian blouse. But until then I will keep mixing my vintage and modern wardrobe to create this look. It is defiantly one I think that has been translated during the 1980s in America (think Molly Ringwald “Pretty in Pink” ).  Also, as a vintage collector is has elements that includes many eras of dress: 1800s Edwardian style + 1950s + late 1940s. Meaning this is a look many vintage wearers could recreate easily.  I know that this brief look into Teddy Girl culture won’t be my last.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.29.38 PM



Please tag #teddygirlbrittany or @bisforbrittany on Instagram if you decide to recreate this look.  Follow me on Instagram for daily outfit posts and comment down below. I love reading all you comments






* (quote 1)


YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 19

ysl 19 case

This month’s Iconic Lipstick is YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture No. 19. Which is currently being sold at Sephora now as a limited edition. It was first released in 1979 by Monsieur Saint Laurent himself. It is described on the website as a fuchsia pink.

ysl 19 color bullet

Below are photos from the 1979 runway and ad campaigns for the brand.

As you can see these photos feature the bright lipstick with intense blush to match.


The above photo reminds me of 1930s beach pajamas.


Harper's Bazaar October `1979-8

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue this series, but it seems to be popular one. This color is not one I would normally go for, but I look forward to creating a look similar soon from the above images.


Let me know which elements of these outfits you like and would you rock this bright lipstick look?



Keep it Clean: RetroWash and RetroClean

laundry machine photo

Hello Lovelies,


Let me start off and say this took way to long, in part, you will read below why. And life was just happening way to fast. But, I am back at it and feel free to follow me on Instagram @bisforbrittany so you can see my daily posts.

A couple of weeks ago Kinsey of Gypsy Goth Vintage posted a photo on Instagram of RetroClean praising its cleaning abilities. This immediately capture my attention because I had a growing mound accumulating of vintage pieces that either needed to be mended or taken to the dry cleaner. Though my wallet dreaded for me to do that because it sure is pricey to take a huge pile.

retro clean


Now before some of you freak out, yes I take some things to the dry cleaners. However, I do trust my dry cleaner and they do use a “greener, more natural” process. And frankly some pieces just really do need to be taken to a dry cleaner ie. wool pants and rayon crepe dresses etc.

After dreading the cost I decided that some of my more durable synthetic and cotton fabrics could probably handle a hand wash so I decided to invest in RetroWash and Retro Clean.

The full details can be found on Retro Clean’s website with the most complete instructions. I would recommend regardless of the shop you purchase from to take a look and read carefully of the difference in products, but I will break it down a bit below:


RetroWash as described from the website:

Retro Wash laundry powder is the solution for the cleaning of all your delicate, vintage and everyday use textiles (quilts, linens, clothing, lace, etc.) safely and effectively.

It is safe for all standard and HE machines and now (by popular demand) comes in a (1) lb. and a (3) lb. bag.

Retro Wash contains…
• No dyes
• No phosphates
• No optical brighteners
• No perfumes
and leaves no residue

Retro Wash is…
• non-toxic,
• hypo-allergenic
• biodegradable
• highly concentrated

I was personally pleased that I could use this in a washing machine if I wanted ( not for my vintage clothes but if I was in a pinch for modern pieces), but also that this did not contain perfumes and phosphates and was hypo-allergenic. This is a must for my clothes as when I turned 21 suddenly my skin was sensitive and allergic to many readily available laundry detergents.

Now they recommended a patch test on the garments but I felt pretty confident in using this on my 1960s synthetics and cotton clothing. If you are looking to know if you should hand wash or get the clothing wet, here is a great post about washing vintage on Vintage Fashion Guild’s site.  It gives a pretty good break down on which fabrics can take washing and which cannot. I will not go into that detail right now, but please do not was 1940s rayons or rayon crepe. I repeat, DO NOT WASH RAYON. It will shrink and ruin your clothing, don’t let sellers fool you and say “this has a stain on it but it should come off with a good soak”.

My review:

Retro Wash is a pretty good product, while it did not remove the “old and dusty” smell completely, it did for the most part remove the sweaty armpit smell. Sorry for the TMI..

I didn’t personally notice any bleed of fabrics but I did notice a good amount of dirt that came out of my clothes. In general I would use this again, it seemed genital and effective.

How I used it:

  1. fill bathroom sink with water and recommended amount of RetroWash
  2. Put one item at a time in sink and let soak ( depending on level of dirt)
  3. Do not ring out
  4. Rinsed in clean water in the bathtub
  5. Patted dry in bath towel ( do not ring out clothes)
  6. Laid flat on drying hanger ( this one is great from Amazon)
  7. Repeat with next item

*Make sure that you check the water as to not put any new item in super dirty water or potentially water that is holding dye from previous garment


Overall the process was easy and inexpensive: I will continue to use this product

circus laundry

RetroClean is a different product and is a soak meant to remove stains, dirt and brighten clothes. Personally I would be very careful and test this product on a small patch first if you are unsure.

Retro Clean is a gentle soaking agent designed to safely remove yellow age stains (including mildew, wood oil, tea, coffee, blood, water damage and perspiration stains) from vintage quilts and all washable fabrics.

This seemed like a perfect product to use on some old 1940s shorts that had quite a bit of dirt stains on them. Which made sense because I purchased them from a dusty flea market.

pants 5

Previously they had a repair that is unseen when wore that include a big rip by the button. So I wasn’t too concerned about ruining this pair.

I really do encourage you to take a look at the RetroClean Q and A before you use this product. I personally feel the bad reviews about it ruining your clothes is due to user error.

My review:

It didn’t damage my 1940s cotton shorts, so plus one there. But, the first wash left the not stained parts brighter, but not the stains. So it seemed like the stains were MORE noticeable. But after a second soak for 72 hours (the same time as my first soak) which included more powder and more water so the shorts were more fully submerged. This time the stains were lighter but not gone. I decided to not over do it right away, but I do think that I will be soaking it once more.

How I used it:

1. As recommended wash shorts in RetroWash as per the process above

2. Put wet shorts in RetroClean solution to soak

3. Left for 72 hours (they recommend putting in sunlight, but NYC living prevents that so I can’t speak to how necessary it is)

4. Wash with RetroWash again as per process above

5. Lay flat to dry


Worth a shot, just make sure to buy the small $5.00 bag as you don’t need that much and I’m still not sure how effective it is. Though it could be due to the fact that I cannot put my soak in sunlight. Also the amount of soaking needed is annoying and in part the reason this post is delayed…

Where you can purchase:

Amazon (where I purchased because free shipping win!)

  • make sure Amazon sends the right product, they did send me RetroClean 1 pound bag instead of the RetroWash

Other Cleaning Necessities:

Drying Rack

  • I like this one because its big enough to lay 3 shirts or one dress flat and still have room on the sides


  • a safe way to remove any wrinkles

Padded Hangers

  • Will change your life and are a must to protect your vintage clothing


Let me know how you wash your vintage clothes in the comments or if you have tried RetroClean or RetroWash! I would love to know everyone else’s cleaning method too!


xoxo Brittany